Alkaline Earth Metals – Study Material for IIT JEE

Alkaline Earth Metals – Study Material for IIT JEE

In Periodic table Group 2, there are 6 metallic elements. These metals are known as alkaline earth metals as their oxides are alkaline & occur in the earth crust.

Be – Beryllium

Mg – Magnesium

Ca – Calcium

Sr – Strontium

Ba – Barium

Ra – Radium (Radioactive)

This ebook taken from the title “Objective Chemistry For JEE Main with Boards Score Booster” emphasizes on their atomic & physical properties along with their characteristics & how they react with other elements.

Atomic and Physical Properties:

  • Electronic Properties: These are s-block elements and have 2 electrons in the valence shell in s-orbital could be understood on the basis of below chart.
  • Size of Atoms & ions: The atomic radii of these elements are quite large but smaller than those of the corresponding elements of Group 1 also their ionic radii are also large but smaller than those of alkali metals.
  • Density: These are much dense than alkali metals because of their smaller size & greater nuclear charge that decreases from Be to Ca and then increases from Ca to Ra due to the difference in structure.
  • Melting & Boiling Point: These have higher boiling & melting points because of bonding electron in alkaline metal is 2.
  • Metallic Properties: They look silvery white and soft but they are actually harder than alkaline metals due to stronger metallic bonding.
  • Atomic Volume: Atomic volume increases as we move from Be to Ra due to the rise in atomic radius.
  • Ionization Energy: The ionization potential is higher of Ra than Be.
  • Electropositive Character: These are very strong electropositive elements due to their large size & low ionization energy.
  • Oxidation State: An alkaline earth metal represents an oxidation state of +2 despite the presence of high ionization energy.
  • Conductivity: These are good conductors of heat and electricity.
  • Flame Coloration: As we move from Ca to Ba the ionization energy decreases, hence the frequency of the emitted light increases.

Chemical Properties

Due to low ionization energy, Alkaline earth metals are quite reactive. Reactivity of group 2 elements increases on moving down the group because of the decrease in their ionization energy.

Talking about chemical properties this Free pdf is the best place to learn the chemical properties of Alkaline metals with their reaction with different elements stated in the form of the chemical equations, includes:

  • Reaction with Water
  • Reaction with Oxygen
  • Reaction with Acids
  • Reaction with hydrogen
  • Reaction with Halogen
  • Reaction with Nitrogen
  • Reaction with Carbon
  • Reducing Character

Get in-depth knowledge with this Free PDF for JEE 2018 aspirants.

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