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With Trump vowing to end aid to Pakistan saying US got nothing but lies and deceit for billions of dollars, do you agree with the US that Pakistan has completely failed to crack down on terror?

The Trump administration has vowed to end the aid to Pakistan as punishment for giving sanctuary to the Taliban and other Islamist militant groups operating in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been paid billions of dollars and at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that the US has been fighting since long. The US […]

In the Kamala Mills fire incident that caused 14 deaths, the civic authorities were found to be hand in glove with the pub owners turning a blind eye to what is seemingly a death trap. What is your take?

The Kamala Mills fire tragedy in Mumbai, which claimed the lives of 14 people last week, has prompted the civic administration into action and has led to further investigations, demolitions and arrests; probably the managers employed with 1 Above pub in Kamala Mills. As per the enquiry, the managers fled the incident scene as soon […]

Foreign Trade and Investment in India

Disha Publication provides “Foreign Trade and Investment in India” taken from “The Mega Yearbook 2018”. This file contains INTRODUCTION, FOREIGN EXCHANGE RESERVES, INDIA’S FOREIGN TRADE, BALANCE OF PAYMENTS (BoP), FOREIGN TRADE POLICY, 2015-20, SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE (SEZ), Advantages & Disadvantages of FDI. Aspirants of the competitive exams can download the attached PDF, useful for UPSC,Bank […]

With ‘triple Talaq’ ruling, is it a step towards Muslim women empowerment or imposing govt’s will on triple talaq and an intrusion on minority rights. Give your opinion.

The practice of Triple Talaq was earlier declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court Judgement along with directing the Union of India to consider appropriate legislation, particularly with reference to “talaq-e-biddat” and hoped that the contemplated legislation will also take into consideration advances in Muslim “personal law”. The recent triple talaq bill that is being […]

Economic Schemes in India

Disha Publication provides a collection of Economic Schemes in India which is taken from “The Mega Yearbook 2018” of various Ministries in the Govt. of India for economic welfare for development. Aspirants of the competitive exams can download the attached PDF, useful for UPSC, SSC, Bank PO and other examinations of India.

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