Concepts of Permutation and Combination – CAT/ IIFT/ XAT/ MAT


Permutations and Combinations is main topic for MBA Aspirants, which has its own importance and is very easy and simple to understand. This topic on Permutations and Combinations is also helps you in solving the questions of the chapter “Probability”. This PDF includes the basic concepts and the fundamental concepts of Permutations and Combination.


Concepts of Permutation and Combination


Lets First Have a look at the definition of Permutations and Combination:-


Permutation is the different arrangement of a given number of things by taking some or all at a time.

Combination is the selection which can be done by taking some or all from a number of objects.

This PDF has lots of basic principles which you have learned but don’t know. There are many section in this which explains and elaborate fundamental principle of counting.


Fundamental Principle Of Permutations and Combinations




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