Concepts of Syllogism and Logical Reasoning Question for CAT, Bank, SSC, UPSC Exam


Syllogism and Logical Reasoning Question for CAT, Bank, SSC, UPSC


Syllogism is one of the aspects of logical reasoning section where two sentences are given and the examinee is required to formulate the two sentences into one, giving it a reasonable meaning.


The section of ‘Logical Reasoning‘ which is asked in competitive exams of India wherein logical reasoning questions comprise several mental ability based questions which are asked through Number Series, Essential Part, Analogies, logical Deduction and much more. Logical reasoning Questions generally constitute 1/4th of the total marking scheme thus require a good amount of practice by a student so as to be able to perform well in exams. Logical Reasoning Questions test the mental ability of an individual which is essential for almost every job now though there are jobs in public banks or other areas where a strong command over certain aspects is required which is somehow related to the logical reasoning section. An individual who scores a high percentage in this section has a better chance to score higher than others. There are many websites which take logical reasoning tests where students who are willing to measure their performances in this section can easily practice for the same. Get free material for logical reasoning tests and improve your performance gradually. Logical reasoning tests must be taken regularly while one is preparing for any competitive exam.


Logical Reasoning Problems such as syllogism must be answered before you appear for any exam which constitutes the ‘logical reasoning’ section. To ensure that you are done with the preparations, find your weak areas, which might or might not revolve around logical reasoning though if that’s the case, then, logical Reasoning problems must be solved with loads of practice. Get the study and practice material for logical reasoning including syllogism and solve your logical reasoning problems.



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