Disha 13th Foundation Day Bonanza Contest

Hello All Engineering Aspirants,

Disha is pleased to announce its 13th Foundation Day Bonanza Contest – Question of the Day Series for all engineering aspirants for the next 15 days.

This special offer is a celebration against the backdrop of Disha publication’s over a decade long success and its special bonding with students. In this Special Question of the Day Series, we will ask questions to be solved by all engineering aspirants which will continue for the next 15 days. The winners will get Disha’s Bestselling Books for JEE Main & Advanced as prizes delivered free of cost at their address. The offer is irresistible to all those who are aspiring to crack the Jee Main & Advanced entrance exam. Please don’t miss the offer as it is valid till the stock lasts.
Disha ContestRules –

  • 2 Questions from engineering entrance level are to be asked on per day basis.
  • The contest starts at 5 pm, 19.07.2014.
  • The selection of the winners will be on the basis of correct answers to both the questions. Winner will be declared on the next working day.
  • Also we will select potential winners with lucky draw. You can improve your chances of winning exclusive books.
  • One who likes and shares most wins a Complementary Prize.

Note–The winners need to send us their name, full address, contact number and email at once they are declared as winner.


Here are the prizes:       


Day 1:

ISBN – 9789384089153

Mechanics 1 for JEE Main & Advanced with Assessment, Feedback & Remedial CD (Fully Solved)



Day 2:

ISBN : 9789384089849

Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced 2015 (10th edition)



Day 3:

ISBN – 9789384089160

Mechanics 2 Heat and Waves for JEE Main & Advanced with Assessment, Feedback & Remedial CD


Day 4:

ISBN : 9789384089054

Inorganic Qualitative Analysis for Boards (Class 11 & 12), JEE Main & Advanced


Day 5:

ISBN – 9789384089177

Electricity & Magnetism for JEE Main & Advanced



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