Disha Talent Hunt Festive Contest – Participate and win special gifts

Disha Talent Hunt Festive Contest: Hosted on Facebook (13 March to 14 March 2014)

Contest-Day-4 - Evening Pics
Win Every Day:-
Here are the prizes:
Pre-Contest Winners of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will get: 50 cool stories 3000 hot words (book)
Contest winner of Thursday will get ‘Objective General Knowledge &Current Affairs Book Level 1’
• Contest winner of Friday will get ‘Objective General Knowledge & Current Affairs Book Level 2’.
There will be 2 Types of winners:
1) Pre-Contest Winners (Even before the launch of the Contest you can win by sharing the facebook post): The one who will share most on Facebook will win a special gift (this applies to all the Facebook posts of Disha Publication before launching of the Contest).
2) Contest Winner (After the launch of Contest): The one who will answer all the questions correctly and also shares the Facebook post to most number of people will be considered the winner.

Pre-Contest Winning criteria: You will have to share the Facebook posts on Monday (10/3/2014), Tuesday (11/3/2014) and Wednesday (12/3/2014) to as many (people) as you can. There will be a winner for each day. The one who has shared post to the most number of people will be declared winner for that particular day also try to get as many likes as you can for the post. Everyday’s winners will be announced on the next day.
Contest Winning criteria: The contest will run for two days starting from Thursday (13/3/2014) to Friday (14/3/2014). Every day you will have to answer all the three questions correctly with most number of post shares on Facebook also try to get as many likes as you can for the post. The winners of Thursday and Friday contests will be announced on Saturday.
Note– Please also mention your name and email address and contact number while answering the questions.
If you have a any query for us please post your question and we will be answering all day long. Don’t be shy! Ask away!

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