Essay: Harvest the Rain, Reap the Grains, Live without Pain

essay for iasEssay Writing has now days become an inevitable part of several competitive examinations and for some exams like IAS/PCS, it acts as a game changer for it weighs around 250 marks. This is why many students fear this paper so much. Writing a good essay is not merely a skill, it is an art. But the good news is that this art can be easily learnt when there is good guidance.

Disha Publication understands the issues a student faces while preparing for an exam and that is why we have brought a finely written essay on “Harvest the Rain, Reap the Grains, Live without Pain” for you. After reading the essay, you will understand what does it require to write a good essay and not be let down in any examination just because of this one paper.  You will get to know the right usage of quotes, the language that should be used and how the current ideas can be incorporated so as to write a good essay.

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