Interview of an IRS Officer – Chandandeep Grewal

UPSC results always raise spirit of inspiration among the youth of the Nation.
The names on the list are looked upon as true achievers’ by the not only exam aspirants but by the entire country. Chandandeep Grewal is one such name on the list of UPSC 2015 exam results. ‘Ticket to IAS’ is delighted to share with you her success story. She shares with us her study strategies, tips and experiences throughout the preparation process. Here, ‘Ticket to IAS’ brings you success story of Chandandeep.

General Information Table




Chandandeep kaur grewal
Age 26 years
Name of the Exam and Year Civil services examination,2015
Rank 471
Roll number 0001910
Category (General/OBC/SC/ST) GENERAL
Graduation Background and College MBBS,Sri guru ram das medical college,amritsar
UPSC Optional Subject Medical science
UPSC Mains Medium English
UPSC Interview Medium English
State and Place of Residence (Permanent) Punjab,sangrur
Service Preference IAS<IFS<IRS



Disha Publication: First of all congratulations from Disha publications for your extraordinary accomplishment!  We are extremely happy that your efforts have paid off what they promised. So, tell us, what made you appear for UPSC Civil Services Examination? How the very idea struck you?

Chandandeep: Thank you so much. Well, if you ask that, it was a childhood dream since 8th standard. Apart from that, during my rural posting in internship, I came to know about the basic facilities lacking in villages. At that point in time, I thought that my profession as a doctor can only treat the patients who will come to me but by being a civil servant I can cure the diseases from their root cause.

Disha Publication: How did you feel when you saw your name in the list of selected candidates?

ChandandeepI was very happy and so was my family.

Disha Publication: Can you tell us something about your educational / professional background?

ChandandeepI am an MBBS doctor and I have done my undergraduation from Sri Guru Ram Das Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar.


Disha Publication: How do you relate your graduation background, work experience with your success at civil services?

Chandandeep: My graduation that is MBBS inculcated in me basic qualities of hard work and patience. Hard work and patience are the two foremost things which keep you going while you are preparing for civil services. So it was of a great help to me.


Disha Publication: Can you tell us about your vision, thought process during preparation times?

Chandandeep: As I have seen the problems of rural society with my own eyes so the basic aim of working for their welfare drove me through my preparartion.During the preparation process, it was my dedication that sailed me through.


Disha Publication: What do you think are common myths students have about the IAS exam ?

Chandandeep: Aspirants generally believe that it requires 16-18 hrs of study and a total cut off from social world

Disha Publication: How much time did you spend on CSAT and the main exam preparation? (In terms of hours and percentage)

Chandandeep:  For Csat I used to practice just the test papers. And for prelims and mains, it was a cumulative one.


Disha publication: Rate the following factors on a scale of 1 – 5. (1 – least and 5 – most important)

Chandandeep:  Reading newspapers-5
Watching news channels-4
Referring past papers -5
Attempting mock tests-5

Watching online Videos-4

Group discussions-4

Reading online -5

Disha Publication:What were the Newspapers you followed?  Would you like to give any tips on newspaper-reading?

Chandandeep the hindu and Indian express.newspaper is the most important thing these days and it should be read from word to word leaving trivial news.

Disha Publication: What was your strategy in general in different phases (Prelims, Mains, and Interview)?

Chandandeep  -It was a cumulative one

Disha publication: What was the difference in preparing for CSAT and the main exam?

Chandandeep – I didn’t prepare anything separate for prelims except for giving a lot of tests.

Disha publication: What was your optional subject? Did you focus on certain important topics for the same? If yes, please share with us your strategy to select important topics.

Chandandeep Medical science papers are mostly on the same concept as followed during my prof exams. Practice 10 years.

Disha publication: To what extent online past year papers, sample papers and mock papers helped you in exam?

Chandandeep-  Test papers is one of the best ways to assess your preparation

Disha Publication List few of the most important questions that candidates must be prepared for the Interview.
Chandandeep- One should be thoroughly prepared with his/her DAF.apart from that national ,international issues,one’s graduation subject.

Disha Publication :What message would you like to give to the candidates preparing for Civil services exam 2016?

Chandandeep: Don’t make this a do or die situation. Enjoy this process as it will help in           developing your personality. It requires smart study along with perseverance, patience and happy work. If one doesn’t clear it dnt lose your heart as one gets out of it by being a more knowledgeable, developed and mature person. All the best

Disha Publication: Thank you so much for taking out time from your tight schedule!

We wish you success in your future endeavors.

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