Interview of IAS Topper – TINA DABI

With the life changing UPSC results, names of outstanding performers have emerged on the top of the list.These toppers are looked up as idols for the aspirants.Toppers’ success plans inspire the future candidates. Disha got an opportunity to interact with AIR (All India Rank) 1 holder- Tina Dabi. She shared with us her study strategies, books she referred and her journey to the ultimate. Here, ‘Ticket to IAS’ brings you success story of Tina Dabi.

Dr. Ansari:  How did you feel when you got the news about your first position?

Tina Dabi:  I felt really happy and content that my hardwork had paid off.

Dr. Ansari:  Why did you choose IAS as a professional career?

Tina Dabi:  Civil Services provide a unique platform where one can contribute something to society, get immense job satisfaction along with a decent standard of living.

Dr. Ansari:  Who is the driving force behind your success and position in CSE

Tina Dabi:  My mother is the reason behind my success, her constant motivation and support have been invaluable for my preparation.

Dr. Ansari:  When did you start preparing for civil services?

Tina Dabi:  I began thinking and planning my preparation since Class XI in school. But my full fledged preparation began only after my graduation.

Dr. Ansari:  Which strategy did you adopt for CSE Prelim; CSAT Paper 1?

Tina Dabi:  My strategy comprised of doing all the foundation books really well and supplementing it with current affairs.

Dr. Ansari:  How did Disha’s 21 Years Previous Years Questions Book help you?

Tina Dabi:  The book proved to be a good ready reference during revision and all the questions gave a good practice. It helped understand the pattern and demand of the exam.

Dr. Ansari:  How did Disha’s “101 Speed Test” for practicing CSAT Paper 1

Tina Dabi:  Its very helpful for quick revisions.

Dr. Ansari:  Did you start preparation for CS-Main after Prelims Test or wait for result?

Tina Dabi:  I had begun studying Mains side by side, however stopped studying for Mains three months before Prelims. I resumed Mains Prep after Prelims exam.

Dr. Ansari:  Which strategy did you adopt for GS (Main) Papers?

Tina Dabi:  I strictly followed the Mains Test Series schedule so that with each section I prepared, I got myself tested on that section through the Test Series.

Dr. Ansari:  How did you prepare GS Paper (Mains) with the help of newspapers?

Tina Dabi:  Newspapers play a very important role. Nearly 80% of the exam paper is current affairs oriented. There were direct questions from the newspaper in the exam. I used to maintain a notebook where I only noted down the very important topics (not all) and kept a record of any new updates that occurred related to that topic.

Dr. Ansari:  How did you prepare for interview?

Tina Dabi:  I took as many mock interviews as I could. I read three newspapers and studied my graduation and optional subject.

Dr. Ansari:  What messages and tips would you like to give to IAS aspirants?

Tina Dabi:  I would like to tell them that they work hard on a consistence basis, stick to their study plans, keep themselves patient and motivated. With focus and discipline, anything is achievable.

Dr. Ansari:  Once again very very congratulations for your success. And I wish you to reach on the top of your career and get satisfaction in your life.

Tina Dabi:  Thank you so much. It was really nice interacting with you Sir.


By- Dr. Md. Usmangani Ansari (Disha Publication)

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