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JEE Main solved and question papersThe JEE MAIN 2019 PAPER 1 has recently concluded with 15 students as toppers. The three main subjects of JEE MAIN are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Students prepare throughout the year for JEE MAIN exams with the help of previous years solved papers. As the competition becomes tougher each year, understanding each subject is very important. Any national level examination is very demanding and daily practice helps students in revision and overcoming any weakness during preparation.


PHYSICS Solved Papers

Solving and completing examination of JEE MAIN is no easy task. Revising from NCERT books is highly recommended for Physics subject. Keep making side notes with extra information while solving previous year’s paper. After studying from NCERT books, it is important to check questions from some ‘Advanced books’. The idea is to understand the theory behind some of the advanced topics that may not be covered in the NCERT books.  Previous solved papers helps students in doing practice of NCERT based questions as well as few questions that are slightly out of the syllabus.

CHEMISTRY Solved Papers

Solving at least 90% of the questions will be easier if students referred NCERT based books, mock tests and solved papers. Apart from the syllabus, it is important to focus on the important topics covered. Topics relating to core organic chemistry, reaction mechanism to amines, etc matter a lot in scoring good marks. Checking from solved papers will give students good idea about how to solve difficult questions before time.


While attempting questions of maths subject, it is important to focus on theory based questions which many students leave due to poor time management. Again, revising theorems from NCERT based books is important. Practice is the key to solving each question of maths. Previous years solved papers are the most helpful in the maths subject as it will give a good understanding of the concepts.

Studying for JEE MAIN examinations is no easy task and preparatory books from DISHA PUBLICATION cover each topic and previous years solved papers accurately. The books contain 1890 past MCQs- 630 each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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