Modi’s Cabinet Reshuffle

Disha Publications brings you a detailed list and analysis of Modi’s cabinet reshuffle.
Catch hold of the detailed infographic and some key observations given thereafter.

Reshuffle in Modi Cabinet


Modi came up with some shocking conclusions to the meeting on cabinet reshuffle.Some Key observation of Modi’s cabinet expansion are given below:

  1. Some of the low key performers have been rewarded while high profile ministers who were seen as sluggish or involved in controversies have been demoted
  2. Most of the Bigwigs have not been touched , but a clear message that its time to deliver have been sent through clearly. Signal that it is  performance, not perceived proximity that will considered by the authorities.
  3. PM ‘s decisions  reflect his aspiration  for faster results and growth in the priority areas like education, rural sector, sanitation, broadband sanitation, broadband connectivity.
  4. Team work has been preferred over solo workers.Decision in such cases have also been made considering their outcomes.
  5. Caste and community have also been acknowledged.


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