News Feed 30-July ‘2016

Pay Commission arrears in one go in August salary 

  • Union Government has decided to shell out employee arrearsarising from execution of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations in one go with the August salary.
  • It has already notified the 2.57-time hike in basic salary of one crore government employees and pensioners as per the 7th Pay Commission The pay hike has been made effective from January 1, 2016.
  • The finance ministry’s revised pay structure effective from January 1, 2016, would include the dearness allowance of 125 per cent provided in the pre-revised pay structure. The rate of the first installment of DA under revised pay will be announced later.
  • According to a statement by the finance ministry, “The arrears as accruing on account of revised pay consequent upon fixation of pay under CCS (RP) Rules, 2016 with effect from January 1, 2016, shall be paid in cash in one installment along with the payment of salary for the month of August, 2016, after making necessary adjustment on account of GPF and NPS, as applicable, in view of the revised pay.”
  • In order to speed up disbursal of arrears, the instructions said the “arrear claims may be paid without pre-check of the fixation of pay in the revised scales of pay.”
  • However, it added, that the facilities to pay out arrears without pre-check of fixation of pay will not be accessible for those public servants who have retired, resigned or dismissed after the date of execution of the Pay Commission recommendations.
  • The least pay in central government with effect from January 1, 2016 will now be Rs 18,000 per month, up from Rs 7,000 per month. At the highest level of Cabinet Secretary, the salary would go up from Rs 90,000 a month to Rs 2.5 lakh.


Google’s free Wi-Fi: This is why it chose railway stations to connect India

  • Google’s CEO Sundar Pichaihas announced that over two million people are using the free Wi-Fi deployed by the search giant along with RailTel at major railway stations across India every month. Pichai said they are using 15 times more data than they would on their cellular networks an standard day.
  • After the first station, Mumbai Central, in January 2016, Google has linked 23 stations including Pune, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Ranchi, Patna, Ernakulam Junction and Vishakhapatnam Central. The scheme for the world’s largest public Wi-Fi venture will cover 100 railway stations.
  • Google is willing to offer the same experience across all stations that it is connecting. So a person travelling on a long distance train from say Ernakulam Junction to New Delhi gets the same experience at all connected stations along the way.
  • There has been news of people buying platform tickets just to use the Wi-Fi and finish work. Gulzar Azad, Head of Access Programs, Google India says he doesn’t have any data to back this up, but adds that some people who are using the service daily see this as a convenience and at times come early so that they can complete some work or download some YouTube videos. “We have seen students doing that. I see this as a good problem to have.”
  • Google’s free Wi-Fi in the stations is capped at one-hour per user, but there is no cap on volume of data for now.


Last date to file income tax return extended to Aug 5th.

  • The income tax department has extended the last date for filing income-tax returns to August 5.
  • Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were initially to be filed by July 31. But keeping in mind the day-long strike at public sector banks, the deadline has been extended to August 5.
  • In an exception Jammu and Kashmir’s deadline will be August 31 in view of the ongoing turmoil in the state.
  • “In view of today’s bank strike and disturbance in J&K, the due date of IT return filing is being extended,” Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said in a tweet on July 29.
  • Below is a simple guide to file your income tax return, online or offline:
  • Selection of tax form

The selection of the tax form depends on your resource of income. ITR-1, ITR-2A and ITR-2 are for salaried individuals, ITR-5 and ITR-6 are for companies.

  • Form 16

You can get this form from your employer. If you have changed jobs over the last year, then you will have more than one Form 16. This form has all the information required to arrange your tax return. It has two parts, Part A and Part B.

  • Other documents

Other than Form 16, you should also have your bank statements, interest certificates, and your housing loan certificate (in case of housing loan).

  • Also, download Form 26AS from the e-Filing website. Form 26AS shows the incomes for which taxes are deducted at source; it is an annual tax credit statement.
  • After completion of the tax return forms, it has to be uploaded on the e-filing website. E-Filing of a tax return is necessary for individuals with income above Rs 5,00,000. Once the return is successfully uploaded, an auto-generated acknowledgement is sent to you. This needs to be verified, either by signing and submitting the acknowledgement, or by submitting it online. Once this is completed, the process of filing your return is complete.


Net’s .web domain sold for $135m

  • The auction for ownership of the .web domain has ended with one company paying $135m (£102m) for rights to use the suffix.
  • Nu Dot Co has won the auction and can now present firms the chance to own a domain ending .web.
  • The figure is three times as much as was paid for the previous record holder, .shop, which went for $41.5m.
  • Losing bidders for the domain included Google and net registry firms Afilias, Radix and Donuts.
  • The procedure of selling the potentially beneficial suffix began in 2012 but has taken until now to resolve because many different companies applied to run it.
  • It was almost delayed again because earlier this month bidders Radix and Donutsalleged that they had found “discrepancies” in Nu Dot Co’s application to take part in the auction that, they said, should lead to the whole thing being delayed.
  • Icann, which oversees the net’s address system, dismissed the allegation saying it was satisfied with Nu Dot Co’s application and there was no need for the sale to be delayed.
  • Donuts, which own the .business and .company domains, then launched legal action seeking a restraining order to holdup the sale. The application for this order went before a judge in California earlier this week who deprived of it citing questions over whether Donuts had the right to apply for a delay.
  • Icann also filed an affidavit to the court saying the auction was being run in accord with its terms and conditions.
  • It is not clear what Nu Dot Co intends to do with the .web domain and when it will be available for net firms to use.
  • Icann has now sold the rights to more than 16 top-level domainsthat can be used in the same way as the more well-known .com and .org suffixes. Other domain suffixes sold include .app and .hotel.
  • Auctions are still pending for a further 16 domains that numerous companies are bidding to control.


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