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  1. Proud moment for India: ISRO’s PSLV-C34 mission launches 20 satellites into orbit in one go.

The PSLV-C34 mission is being called as the biggest ever mission for India’s space agency. The key points about ISRO’s PSLV-C34 mission are given below:

  • PSLV-C34 had 17 commercial satellites as part of its payload, and two from Indian academic institutions. The main cargo is India’s 725.5 kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation.
  • The maximum number of satellites that ISRO has been able to launch in a single mission so far is ten. This was achieved in June 2008 when it placed those satellites into various low earth orbits. The idea behind launching so many satellites is reducing cost of the mission.
  • The images sent by Cartosat satellite will be useful for cartographic, urban, rural, coastal land use, water distribution and other applications.
  • Chennai’s Sathyabama University and College of Engineering, Pune have also sent up one satellite each with PSLV-C34.
  • Thirteen of the satellites are from USA include the 12 Dove satellites from Planet Labs organization. There are two Canadian satellites . one from Germany and one from
  • According to ISRO, the 110 kg SkySat Gen2-1 is owned by Google.
  • An 85 kg M3MSat from Canada is also present in the The PSLV rocket
  • The 1.5 kg Sathyabamasat from Sathyabama University will collect data on green house gases.
  • The 1 kg Swayam satellite from College of Engineering, Pune will provide point-to-point messaging services to the HAM radio community.
  • India has launched 57 foreign satellites successfully till date.


  1. To remain or take an exit from EU: Brexit

The European Union has 28 member countries:

Austria (1995) Italy (1958)
Belgium (1958) Latvia (2004)
Bulgaria (2007) Lithuania (2004)
Croatia (2013) Luxembourg (1958)
Cyprus (2004) Malta (2004)
Czech Republic (2004) Netherlands (1958)
Denmark (1973) Poland (2004)
Estonia (2004) Portugal (1986)
Finland (1995) Romania (2007)
France (1958) Slovakia (2004)
Germany (1958) Slovenia (2004)
Greece (1981) Spain (1986)
Hungary (2004) Sweden (1995)
Ireland (1973) United Kingdom (1973)



  • On June 23, registered voters of the United Kingdom will voice their opinion whether the nation should ‘Remain’ in or ‘Leave’ the European Union.
  • Though British Prime Minister David Cameron was unable to bring unity within his Conservative Party, and thus decided to seek public opinion on the issue.
  • While Mr. Cameron wishes his country remain in the EU, former London Mayor and MP Boris Johnson campaigns for Brexit as it is being referred.
  • The Labour Party is also divided. While the Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn supports staying with the EU, a group calling itself Lexit (Left for Exit) is campaigning for leaving the bloc.
  • While the Scottish National Party (SNP) bats for ‘Remain’, hardline U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) wants exit from the EU.
  1. NSG :India in top gear for last-hour diplomacy
    • China’s foreign ministry has promised to play a “constructive role” in the discussions being carried out through an informal group headed by NSG chair Argentina. In a statement, the ministry has agreed that the issue of admitting non-NPT countries was very important.
    • The ministry has remained silent about India’s efforts to bring the issue on the formal agenda. The statement issued by China is evidence of China’s efforts to offset the perception that it’s creating roadblocks for India.
    • NSG chairmanship will be with South Korea for year 2016-17.The chairmanship is in favour of initiating sanctions against North Korea and is most likely to please China in most cases.

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