Structural Organisation in Animals (NEET)

Structural Organisation in Animals This eBook Structural Organization in Animals italicize the importance and function of tissues in the body of Animals, Tissues are specialized in their functions and, in Biology, the study of this Structural Organization is termed as histology. Body is having different kind of cells and when specific cells are grouped together […]

Time and Distance Concepts for IAS Prelims

Time, Speed & Distance is an integral part of aptitude test and important for aspirants Preparing for competitive exams such as SSC, Banking, CDS, IAS Prelims etc. as 2-5 % questions in all these exams are asked from the same topic. This eBook is picked up from our book titled “Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude” is based on […]

Notes on Biomolecule for IIT-JEE

Biomolecule, an essential compound normally found present in a living organism as an integral part of it. This ebook, taken from our book titled “Objective Chemistry for JEE Mains” is a handy guide to understand “Biomolecule”, its characteristics & importance in human life. Classification of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Characteristics of enzyme & their mechanism, Lipids structure […]

Shortcut on Series

Series, a sequence of events or something that follows a pattern, one of the most important topics for the candidates preparing for competitive exams. This ebook taken from our Book “Shortcuts in Reasoning” is considered as a non-verbal form of reasoning. This Free ebook “Shortcut on Series” is focused to give you an overall knowledge […]

Shortcut on Alphabet & Number Test

This article Shortcut on Alphabet & Number Test belongs to Reasoning section is helpful for aspirants preparing for Banking & other competitive Exams & is taken from our book “Shortcut in Reasoning” Candidates who are already aware of the section & have worked on the problems can revise & brush up their knowledge & for […]

Coding and Decoding Tricks

Coding-Decoding is a method where an encrypted message is being delivered to the recipient and only he can decode and get that with the help of a unique key. This secures the information from anyone, in between the process, as without the key they cant access the information. This topic is interesting as well as […]

Shortcuts in Reasoning for Banking Exam

Critical Reasoning is the test of your ability how you analyze & evaluate arguments logically. This worksheet is taken from our book “Shortcuts in Reasoning“ is to enhance your knowledge to think logically. In everyday life, we face situations that require logical thinking before actually jumping to conclusion or make an assumption. This eBook will […]

Free Summer Vacation Worksheets Class 1 to 8

Disha Publication brings FREE SUMMER VACATION WORKSHEETS to engage and dwell upon young minds of Class 1 – 8. The package is designed in such a fashion that it covers entire syllabus comprehensively. It contains 10 worksheets which carry exercises, fill ups, match the columns, pictorially presented to make subjects like English worksheets, English Vocabulary Worksheets, […]

Banking Knowledge for SBI PO 2018

Banking Knowledge for SBI PO 2018, a chapter taken from our book “Comprehensive Guide to SBI PO Prelim & Main Exam” is a comprehensive guide to know everything about banking starting from Introduction to different phases & developments. How Banking sector initially was & how it has evolved after Independence. Liberalization policy implementation in early 1990’s […]

International Timeline 2018

International Timeline 2018 International Timeline 2018 is a chronology of key events that occurred internationally in the first quarter of 2018 starting from UAE introducing VAT for the first time, farthest galaxy discovered by NASA named PT0615-JD, World’s biggest air purifier build by China in Xian in the month of January. February got the contribution […]

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