Preparatory Notes of Computers Awareness for NDA, CDS & SSC Exams

Computer is a device that accepts information of digital data and manipulates it for some result based on the programs. The program may be invariable build into the computer. Given below the following topics for more detailed information, and also buy the books;


Classification of Computer

  • Micro computer: A microcomputer is a computer that uses a microprocessor as its central processing unit.
  • Minicomputer: It is powerful than micro computer. It can be used by many users at same time. It processing speed is very fast.
  • Personal computer: It is single user system which is used in offices, work¬shops, business etc.

Components of a Computer
(Input unit)

  • It receives data and instructions from the user.

(Output Unit)

  • It receives processed data from CPU. It converts the output into simple language. It displays results.

Hardware (Input Devices):
Sound Card:
Lane Card:
Video Card:



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