States of Matter

States of Matter

In Physics, State of Matter refers to the three forms, a matter exists i.e. Solid, Liquid & Gas.

Solid state has fixed volume & shapes and the components are not having much space to move freely.

The liquid state too maintains a fixed volume but have a flexible nature that allows them to adjust to the container that gets in.

In Gaseous state neither volume nor the shape is fixed, particles are free to move in the container and adjust their shape accordingly.

In this ebook, we will talk about forces & energies that affect the shape & volume of these Three States of Matter. The balance between Intermolecular forces & thermal energy is responsible for these three states.

To understand this concept of balance & how these states are formed, this Free PDF has various laws that explain how things take place:

  • Boyle’s law:

  • Avogadro law

  • Ideal gas equation

Also, illustrate how to measure the deviation of matter from their ideal behavior with the help of equations.

An exercise with 75 MCQs along with their solutions is there to check your learning’s.

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