Study Package Physics





  • The chapters provide detailed theory which is  followed by Important Formulae, Strategy to solve problems and Solved Examples.
  • Each chapter covers 5 categories of New Pattern practice exercises for JEE – MCQ 1 correct, MCQ more than 1 correct, Assertion & Reason, Passage and Matching based Questions.
  • The book provides Previous years’ questions of JEE (Main and Advanced). Past years KVPY questions are also incorporated at their appropriate places.


Units, Measurements & Motion for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Mathematics Used in Physics
* Units and Instruments
* Vectors
* Motion in a Straight Line
* Motion in a Plane
Laws of Motion and Circular Motion for JEE Main and Advanced Covers:
* Laws of motion and Equilibrium
* Circular Motion
Work Energy, Power & Gravitation for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Work, Energy & Power
* Collision & Centre of Mass
* Gravitation
Rotational Motion for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Rotational Mechanics
Properties of Matter & SHM for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Properties of Matter
* Fluid Mechanics
* Simple Harmonic Motion
Heat & Thermodynamics for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Thermometry, Expansion & Calorimetry
* Kinetic Theory of Gases
* Law of Thermodynamics
* Heat Transfer
Waves for JEE Main and Advanced Covers:          
* Wave – I
* Wave – II
Electrostatics for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Mathematics Used in Physics
* Electrostatics
* Capacitance & Capacitors
Current Electricity for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* DC and DC circuits
* Thermal and Chemical effects of Current
Magnetism, EMI & AC for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Magnetic Force on Moving Charges & Conductor
* Magnetic Effect of Current
* Permanent Magnet & Magnetic Properties of Substance
* Electromagnetic Induction
* AC & EM Waves
Ray & Wave Optics for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Reflection of Light
* Refraction and Dispersion
* Refraction at Spherical Surface Lenses and Photometry
* Wave optics
Modern Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Covers:
* Electron, Photon, Atoms, Photoelectric Effect and X-rays
* Nuclear Physics
* Electronics & Communication