AFCAT II Preparation Strategy 2018

Air Force Common Admission Test 2018 is conducted twice in a year by Indian Air force. It’s an old saying that,

‘Know the area you are in or you wish to conquer.’

So, start with the proper understanding of the AFCAT exam. Go through the exam AFCAT exam syllabus and pattern thoroughly before you start preparing. The exam will be divided into five sections:

  • General Awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Military Aptitude Test
  • Verbal Aptitude Test
  • Logical Reasoning

30 days Preparation Strategy for AFCAT 2018

Days Tasks (Topics to be covered)
1-10 At least give 5-6 hours to practice Maths daily, note down all the formulas and maintain a thorough knowledge of the concepts and basics.
11-15 Give these 5 days solely to Aptitude and reasoning practice. Try to keep your practice intense and not time-based.
15-20 Devote these 5 days to English (antonyms, synonyms, vocabulary, one-word substitution etcetera.)
20-30 Get away with studying thoroughly and devote these 10 days to just practicing previous years’ papers and refer to some mock-test papers. Keep a stopwatch and evaluate your speed and the following result. Mark yourself wisely.

*Keep away with unavoidable laziness, stay tuned to the daily updates. The general knowledge questions that will be asked would probably be concerning the current affairs of past 5-6 months. So, gear up to have a close view at them. Make yourself habitual of reading newspapers daily.*

Here, are some inspirational tips to keep the preparation strategy aligned and will help you boost your confidence.

Healthy Tips to Stay Intact to Your Studies

  • Stay organized: Study according to the priorities assigned to each subject accordingly. Keep your study hour scale between 6-8 hours per day or more if need be. Jot down the topics to be covered in a day and the time that should be appointed to each topic.

  • Maintain notes: This is a sign of healthy practicing. Maintain a notebook for your already learned notes would help you to revise them easily and recall them with no much efforts. Try to maintain much precise notes.

  • Practicing is crucial: Never forget that practice is a must before you go for the exam. Practice will help you gain confidence. Try to refer as many practice papers in the last 5-10 days of preparation. Some books that could be looked through are

    1. The new AFCAT guide with 14 past papers (2011-18) by Disha Publication
    2. AFCAT Topic wise solved papers (2011-18) with 5 practice sets
  • GK (Grand Killer): General Knowledge could prove to be a great exam killer if you try to miss it out. Remember, study about the hot-topics and emerging topics from past 6 months. GK will surely help you to sail through.

  • Reward intervals: After two hours of rigorous study, award at least 15 minutes to your brain to rest or After every 1 hour of study, award 5-10 minutes of break to your mind.

  • Hydration, a key to concentration: Stay hydrated as it will help you to focus more and help your brain to work effectively. It will keep your mind fresh and will help you lighten your body.

  • Inside exam hall tips: Don’t lit up the freedom fighter in you and never try to fight with tough questions. Instead, make the fullest of the easiest questions to gain confidence. Focus on your strong areas first, if you think you are strong in English and reasoning, opt them first to score well in those sections. Leave the questions that terrorize you to be opted at the end.

“Success is where preparation and Opportunity meet.”

So, make the best of your opportunities by preparing with full zeal for the exam.

All the best Aspirants!

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