AIIMS MBBS Exam Trend Analysis

AIIMS Trend AnalysisAIIMS Exam is held for admissions in various medical courses in their prestigious institutes. These exams are held once a year for various exams and all official updates for the exam can be found on their Website.

The AIIMS exam is dissected into four major subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Knowledge. Throughout the years AIIMS pattern has had little change and that gives up the benefit of learning from past years’ question paper.

Here we provide you with the Trend Analysis AIIMS 2019

There has been a trend of increasing difficulty throughout the years and that has been a tough climb for the students appearing for the first time all these years. To analyse the expected trend we look at AIIMS 2017 Analysis and AIIMS 2018 Analysis.

AIIMS 2017 Exam Analysis

The overall exam according to the students was tougher than many past exams. The overall difficulty increased due to new questions which were unexpectedly introduced. The subject wise difficulty level was –

  • Physics – Extremely Difficult – Majority of the questions which startles the students were in the Physics section. The time loss was something students found difficult to cope from at the later stages of the exams
  • Chemistry – moderately tough – With the level of difficulty being as expected there were no surprises when it came to the chemistry section. This was a slight relief but the real relief was yet to come.
  • Biology Moderate- biology questions were fortunately framed directly from the textbooks of NCERT. This came as a cherry on a not so tasty cake.
  • GK and Aptitude – To the well prepared it was easy but in general this section was of average difficulty when. 6-7 correct answers were expected by the majority.

With the new questions and increased difficulty, AIIMS 2017 concluded as one tough exam. AIIMS 2018 was expected to be the same but it was not to be so.

AIIMS 2018 Exam Analysis

While being very similar to AIIMS 2017 in a lot of ways, the 2018 edition proved to be of less difficulty to the students. According to the second time exam takers, 2018 was much easier to grasp and did not have ‘not seen before’ questions. Here is what we know about the section wise questions –

  • Following the tradition Physics was the most difficult section of al consisting of indirect questions from thermodynamics. That along with electrodynamics made up for a majority for the questions.
  • With Organic Chemistry being a lengthy one, Chemistry section AIIMS proved to be of moderate difficulty, surpassing last times easiness level.
  • This made 2017 repeat itself as Biology section came out as the easiest, again. This time with some change as certain question on botany and zoology being indirect.

These Exam Analysis AIIMS constitute a Trend Analysis for AIIMS 2019 which should be taken into consideration. It makes up for a good guess into what 2019 exam paper would have and helps you prepare better.

Best of luck!

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