Download Basic Science and Engineering Notes – Work, Power & Energy with Exercise and Solutions

basic science notesWith more than 64,000 vacancies announced by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), It is a golden opportunity for those who are yearning to take up a job in the much sought after government sector. The Board is soon going to declare the dates for the Phase 2 examination and the best way to assure your success is by starting early.

In the second phase, Part A consists of four sections namely, Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness on Current Affairs, and Basic Science. When carrying one-fourth weight of the marks, a solid fundamental knowledge of Basic Science becomes essential.

We have brought you at your doorstep a chapter on ‘Work, Power, Energy’ which will help you create a strong foundation of this topic and score better in the exam. The fundamentals have been explained in a very simple language for everyone’s benefit and care has been give to highlight the special points. It has 50 questions tagged along with it to make your understanding clearer.

To strengthen this section, buy our book ‘Basic Science and Engineering for Indian Railways Assistant Loco Pilot’ which covers Basic Science and Engineering chapters in detail and has cautiously prepared Question Sets for you to practice. When studied properly, this section can be really scoring and act as a game changer for you.

Success comes to those who are prepared. All the best!

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