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Try Free Samples before you buy a Book: Class 12/ NEET/ JEE

Electric Charges & Fields Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance Electrochemistry  Solutions  Matrices Relations and Functions Reproduction in Organisms  Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Relations and Functions Inverse Trigonometric Functions Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Electric Charges and Fields  How will you identify/ differentiate between….? What is the definition of …….? Microbes in Human Welfare Reproduction in Organism […]

Olympiad Champs Science, Maths & English Class 10 with 5 Mock Online Olympiad Tests

The students of class 10 preparing for Olympiad champs class 10 Exam need a good ground on this important subject: Science, Maths & English. It helps in the development of skills in understanding and solutions to problems. Disha Publication provides a good understanding with Olympiad champs class 10 Exam skills on the chapters & the […]

Olympiad Champs Mathematics, Science & English Class 9 with 5 Mock Online Olympiad Tests

Students preparing for National Level Olympiad champs class 9 Exam require in-depth learning about the basics of Mathematics, Science & English. Disha Publication offers not only a preparatory materials but, also helps the students to develop a good aptitude and skills for problem solving. The Olympiad champs class 9 free download covers the entire syllabus […]

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