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Changes introduced by CBSE in class 10th board exams pattern 2019

In the board examinations 2019, there will be a marked increase in the internal choices offered to students in various subjects.

As per the change in paper pattern of CBSE board exam 2019, there is around 33 percent increase in the number of internal choices to be provided to students in the upcoming exam. Check the official notification by CBSE for the changes in the exam pattern.

Almost all the core subjects of Class X have been brought under this change. Major subjects are Hindi, Social Studies, Mathematics and Sciences for Class 10th.

CBSE has released the sample papers for the upcoming CBSE 10th Board Examinations 2019.

Sample papers as provided by CBSE for 2019 board exams:

Disha publication brings you CBSE sample papers 2019 as per the revised pattern. These sample papers with marking scheme are officially provided by CBSE.

Class X CBSE Sample Question Paper & Marking Scheme for Exam 2018-19

S no. Subjects Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
1 Science
2 Mathematics
3 English Communicative
4 Hindi B
5 Social Science

To know more about changes introduced by CBSE in the exam pattern of CLASS 10, click below:

class 10 changes in exam

Note: For those who have already bought Super 10 Sample Papers, find addendum attached with each book of sample papers. Disha Publication has incorporated all the changes introduced by CBSE in the exam pattern of Class X. Download your free copy of Addendum now.

class 10 maths addendum class 10 science addendum class 10 sst addendum class 10 hindi addendum

Start your Board Preparation with the Perfect CBSE Sample Papers for Class X

Disha publication introduces students to an easier way of revising and practicing their learning concepts through a series of one of their own kind ‘Super 10 sample papers’ for class 10th. The sample papers comprise of subject matter related to the subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Communicative English, and Hindi B.

Super 10 CBSE sample papers for Class X have been designed from the examination perspective. It will not only acquaint students with the class 10thcbse sample papers but also assist them in attaining a clear approach for attempting the board papers. In addition to being sample papers, they also work as reference booklet for students as they provide the solved CBSE board papers as well. This works for the benefit of students as they can cross check their answers with the ones provided in the sample papers. Thus, giving students a clear overview of a board examination.

Subjects Wise CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10

Class 10 maths sample papers Science Sample Papers for Class 10 English Sample Papers for Class 10
disha sample papers disha sample papers disha sample papers
SST sample papers for class 10 Hindi sample papers for class 10
disha sample papers disha sample papers

In order to be able to provide the pupils with great benefits the Sample papers have been framed keeping in mind the following essential points

  • Sample papers have been formulated as per the latest syllabus issued by the CBSE for the 2018-2019 session. This will assist students to be sure of how their  learning goals  can be  fruitfully applied  to board exams
  • The design of question papers is based on the pattern issued by CBSE in order to give the students a clear idea of the examination pattern to be followed by the board.
  • Blueprint has been given as per the latest pattern so that the students can follow it and devise a clear approach towards  the board exams
  • Many times, students fail to understand the deduction of marks and hence are left perplexed. Hence, to make students aware of the marking scheme, these sample papers provide the solved paper along with CBSE instructions for marking for the session 2018.
  • In order to help the students prepare well for the exams and also to learn new ways to achieve good marks answer sheets of the 2017 Topper have been provided by the CBSE.
  • A quick revision can be done in a glance by reading the chapter wise mind maps which have been included in the sample papers.
  • It consists of 10 fully solved papers with a marking scheme to give a fair idea of the correction method done by the CBSE board. The students can prepare well by adhering to the marking scheme adopted by the CBSE solved sample paper.

These specifically devised ‘Super 10 sample papers’ will facilitate learning for the students from the examination point of view. As the sample papers are examination oriented, it will help them to choose the specific approach required for scoring well in the CBSE board exams.  These sample papers will not only guide them in their revision and practice but will also boost their confidence for taking up the board exams.

So, Go ahead and prepare well with ‘Super 10 sample papers’ and empower yourself with the best.

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