Concept Map on Thermodynamics for Chemistry JEE Mains

Students of class 11 and 12 have already decided on their dream career. To achieve their goals they must have begun their preparations. With so much to do, in a short span of time it is very important for them, to get to their preparations as early as they can. Those aspiring for a career in engineering or medical need to deal with all the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology. Students must have proper knowledge of the important topics. If you are preparing for JEE or NEET there are a total of 21 chapters in Chemistry. Wisdom is to study smartly.  How can you do that? We have heard you! We have brought “Concept Map on Thermodynamics”.  Thermodynamics helps you to grasp the content in a glance. It will also help students see relationship between ideas and concepts. Concept Map On Thermodynamics is believed to assist students to synthesize and integrate information and ideas on the concept. Concept Map on Thermodynamics encourages students to think creatively about the topic. The concept map will help you hypothesize and brainstorm your understanding of the laws of thermodynamics. The book from which the ‘Concept Map on Thermodynamics’ has been taken from our book “Objective Chemistry for NEET/JEE Main has dealt with all the chapters which are a part of the Chemistry syllabus of NEET/JEE. The chapters have concept maps with them to facilitate your understanding of the concepts in an easy way.To further help you in your preparation, the every topic has MCQ’s with solutions. These have been added to help you gauge your understanding of the topic. The book has 5 mock tests with their solutions. These mock tests have been prepared by the expert team analyzing the past year trends of various competitive exams. Once you buy the book you will never regret your choice, you will be surprised by the positive outcomes. We assure that you will definitely love the book.

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