Concept Notes for JEE Advanced Exam

Free Concept Notes JEE AdvancedThe enormity of the syllabus for JEE Advanced competitive entrance makes the task of preparation very taxing. However, the load can be less burdened by gathering the Concepts Notes JEE Advanced. The entire syllabus is broken down into few fundamentals, offering better comprehension.

Disha Publication to make the preparation for candidates easier provides Concept Notes JEE Advanced. What are the benefits can you get from this?

  • Quick and Easy revision, for last minute preparation
  • All-inclusive notes as per the syllabus.
  • Grants maximum retention of facts
  • Get your score high
  • Accompanied with illustration

The key concepts of the syllabus is mentioned below.  It provides clarity, understanding and refined approach.

Subjects Units Key Concepts

Experimental skills on  mechanics, waves, optics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, modern physics


Electricity and Magnetism
Chemistry Physical Chemistry


General, Gaseous and liquid states, Chemical kinetics, Solid state, Solutions, Surface chemistry, Nuclear chemistry, Atomic structure and chemical bonding, Energetics, Chemical equilibrium, Electrochemistry,

Inorganic Chemistry

Isolation/preparation and properties of non metals, Preparation and properties of compounds, Transition elements (3d series), Principles of qualitative analysis; Concepts of  compounds, Ores and minerals, Extractive metallurgy,
Concepts, , Preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes Preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes;


Reactions of benzene, Phenols, Characteristic reactions of the following (including those mentioned above),  Amino acids and peptides Carbohydrates,


Concepts on the uses of  polymers, Practical organic chemistry, and its properties




Formulae, Theorems

Hyperbola, Straight lines Parabola, Limits, Circles


Analytical geometry

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