Chapter-Wise Concept Notes – Indian Polity 2019

Disha Publication offers Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Indian Polity, which consists of enhanced methodology providing Mind maps, tables and basis of the latest exam pattern MCQs. The complex and enormous concept is made CONSICE & EASY to remember. The concepts are thoroughly researched and relevant.

Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Indian Polity 2019 is a Polity Compendium for General Study’s guiding candidates in the CSAT Paper 1, State PCS, and CDS & NDA Exams. The concepts are the MOST UPDATED material for the exam.  The primary objective of chapter-wise concepts notes is on conceptual understanding and better retention. The concepts are based on the most important questions of the past years, which are explained with detail analysis, making it applicable for all competitive exams namely, IAS Prelim exam, CDS & NDA.

Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Indian Polity consists of more than 1000+ simple MCQs and statements based on MCQs, with 2 level of exercise. These concepts ensure the grasping ability of the chapters.

Find the latest edition of Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Indian Polity 2019 with Disha Publication:

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