Chapter-wise Concept Notes of Ecology 2019

The subject Ecology for IAS exam has boundless important concepts to be considered.  Hence, detail preparation of the entire syllabus would be tedious striving.  Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Ecology 2019 is thus a guide-map to track into the chapters considering only the main concepts.

Disha Publication comes with Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Ecology 2019, picks the most updated concepts in each chapter, covering the social, political and economic aspects of Climate change, sustainable development and environmental Management.  It highlights the most relevant concepts which form the string connecting the Policies, summits, reports, initiatives, new terms, and judgements etc. which are of valued consideration in the examination.

The chapters-wise concepts focus on lots of new topics on Eco-San, REDD, REDD+, Paris Agreement, Rio Declaration, COP, In Situ, Ex Situ, Cli-Fi, Green Economy, Carbon – Footprints/ Trading/ Budget, etc. It places special emphasis on the important question on each chapter, making it understandable with explanations of the past years question of the IAS Prelims exam, and other competitive exams.  The lucidity of the Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Ecology 2019 is commendable.

Find the best expression of the above mentioned concepts in our Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Ecology 2019 compendium, with has 9 chapters with 2 levels of exercise and over 800+ simple MCQs, along with statement based questions.

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