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Blog - IAS Prelims - Milestote & ProblemsHello Students!

Welcome on board!

You’re aboard Disha’s  ABKI BAAR IAS PAAR – the 45 day programme to crack the prelims!Feedback - iAS 2019

We’ve already initiated you to this online programme in our curtain raiser! This 45 day Quick Revision Digital Programme is a painstaking endeavour by Disha Experts to give the IAS aspirants a comprehensive package of thorough revision that will leave them super confident of crossing the Prelims milestone with flying colours.

Well begun is half done!

If you are confident and positive that your preparation is no less than any other aspirant, you are charged to take the challenge head on, and this gives a good boost to your performance in the exam hall, which means, half the battle is already won! Disha’s  45 Day Online Programme does just that for you!IAS Hindi contents

This is the final post – Last of the 9 posts!

It provides you with 400 Milestone problems and 10 Mock Tests to give you a complete evaluation of your preparation for the Prelims.

Section 1 contains 300 Milestone Questions covering the complete portion of Paper I and 100 Milestone Questions covering the complete portion of Paper II. You get a thorough revision of the complete portion here.

Once you are through with this and confident that you have further consolidated your preparation of the entire syllabus of Preliminary Examination, it is time to evaluate your preparation through the Mock Tests.

Section II contains 5 Mock Tests on Paper I; and, Section III contains 5 Mock Tests on Paper II. Create examination conditions before you start solving each Mock Test. You must time your test to give you a correct assessment of your preparation.

Be confident, you will solve them readily as you are well prepared by now!

If a grey spot or two still remains, take another shot of Quick Revision Notes and you’re home!

So, pull up your socks, folks!

GET SET and GO!!

SubHeading of Post 9 2019

Section I – 400 Milestone Problems

History Compendium Indian Polity Geography compendium general science compendium ecology environment compendium Indian Economy Compendium
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Section II – Mock Tests Paper-I

GK Compendium 2019 basic numeracy compendium 2019 comprehension decision making compendium 2019 bhartiya artwaivastha 2019 mental ability, logical reasoning 2019
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Section II – Mock Tests Paper II


We sincerely hope, Dear Aspirants, that our painstaking endeavor of preparing this 45-Day Quick Revision Digital Programme for you will bear fruit and your diligent efforts in completing the program for your benefit will pay off. You will certainly qualify the Prelims.


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