Defying Trump, 128 countries including India voted in favour of the UN General Assembly resolution condemning Jerusalem decision. Do you think India was right in its decision?

India’s traditional policy on Israel-Palestine issue has been more inclined towards Palestine but recently India is switching more towards Israel on the pretext of its own strategic, defence and foreign policy in the evolving world where many things have changed in last 7 decades. Since December 2017, India has said to be following an independent policy on the issue of Jerusalem which does not get influenced by “third parties”.jerusalem

The December 7 declaration by US President Donald Trump recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has been deeply regretted by the United Nations General Assembly and India along with 127 countries supported the United Nation General Assembly’s condemnation of Trump’s declaration.

India maintains a consistent approach on this issue and points out to keep its foreign policy in sync with the principles of NAM; that boldly speaks of an independent and neutral stand without being pressurised by any external big power.

India’s traditional policy to have a negotiated settlement to the Palestinian issue is aligned very much to its innate principles of sovereignty and non-interference in other states’ internal affairs. This decision of India, therefore, comes out as a very well-thought, self-regulating and prudent one.

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