Disha’s The Mega Yearbook 2018 vs Manorama Yearbook 2018

Yearbook 2018Thoroughly Revised & Updated 3rd edition of Disha’s ‘The Mega Yearbook 2018’ has been designed to cater to almost all competitive exams like UPSC, State PSC, CSAT/IAS/IES, CDS, NDA, Bank Clerk/ PO, SSC, AFCAT, Law, CLAT, AILET, Railways, CAPF, Defence & other competitive exams.

Ever since our first edition of the Yearbook 2016, we have been recognized across the country for the highest standards of accuracy and authority along with well planned segmentation, presentation & maximum information coverage.

The Mega Yearbook 2018 is so Student-friendly & Exam-oriented that aspirants across the country have found it Most Suitable for all their Competitive Exam requirements as compared to other yearbooks, like Manorama Yearbook 2018.

(To Read comparison between Disha and Manorama Yearbooks, download the attachment).

The book includes –

• Panorama & People forever

• History, Art and Culture

• Polity

• Geography

• Ecology & environment

• Indian Economy, Business & Foreign trade

• General science

• Technology & its applications

• sports, Healthcare, Communication, media & transport, Education & career

• India – SWOT, 71 yrs Journey, Trends, Game Changers, WHO’s WHO
• Global Economic Outlook – Analysis of Top 10 economies of world
• 2017 captured from Jan to Dec, which no other book does.• 2017 – Events, Issues, Ideas, People.
• 2017 – Diary of News – Month-wise• Bills & Acts in 2017• Policies & Schemes in 2017

• Important Articles/ Essays on hottest issues of 2017.

Various Infographics, Mind Maps, Flow Charts, Tables have been introduced to facilitate information quickly and clearly and for better retention.
To provide our readers more and more information, we strictly stick to the policy of ‘No Advertisement, No Digression’.

As a bonus, we are also providing 2 ebooks free along with The Mega Yearbook 2018, which keeps on updating from Week 1 to Week 52.

52 Weekly Current Affairs Update: eBook, which provides the Week-wise update of 2018.

eTest Jan – Dec 2018, provides MCQs on Current Affairs regularly.


Comparison between Disha and Manorama Yearbooks


              Disha MegaYear Book 2018                Manorama Yearbook 2018
Strictly prepared for Aspirants preparing for the various entrance exams. A general Knowledge book which does not completely cater to the needs of aspirants.
Total Pages: 918                              Price: Rs. 425 Total Pages: 1040 with 80 Pg. Advts Price: Rs. 300
Advertisement: Zero Advertisement: 90
Free: 52 Weekly Current  Affairs Update: eBook & eTest Jan – Dec 2018 Free: BYJU’S 1 Year access to Current Affairs on Learnig App
Articles: 9 Articles: 23       
Segmentation: Part-A: Current Affairs & Part-B: GK Segmentation: haphazard/ random/ unplanned
A Glimpse of 2016:

        *India@ a glance:Social, Economic & Political

        *World@a glance:Social, Economic & Political

*Global Economic Outlook+Top 10 W.Economies

*Game Changers, Emerging trends, Causes &

Effects, Quote-Unquote,

*India SWOT:Social, Economic & Political

*Who’s Who 2017: National & International

*Mysteries: Unsolved

*Popular Terms


Mainly driven by lengthy articles/ advertorials provided by eminent people in the society. 

Top 20: Rich People, Industries, Universities, Sports, Persons, Companies, etc. Absent
Diary 2017(India & World):  Jan-17 to Dec.-17 Diary 2016(India & World):  Nov. 16 to Oct.17
People in 2017: Jan. to Dec. Total-96

  National: Social/Sc; Economic; Political

  Int’l: Social/Sc; Economic; Political

People Who made news in 2016: India Total-15
Events, Ideas & Issues 2017: Total-459 (Separate &


INDIA Events: Social/Sc; Economic; Political

WORLD Events: Social/Sc; Economic; Political

Absent as separate & in  Detailed


Bills & Acts- Policies & Schemes2017: Separate & Detailed Absent as separate
Coming up in 2018 Major Events of 2018
               GENERAL  KNOWLEDGE                 GENERAL  KNOWLEDGE
Unique & Interesting Information in footnotes Absent
6000+: Facts, Informations & Concepts
500+ Infographics: Charts, Tables, Mindmaps

& Graphs

India’s Journey 71 years: Political





                                               Space-42 years 

Indian Panorama Indian G.K. – Present
World Panorama World Panorama
People Forever- Segment-wise:














History: India & World World -Absent
Polity: India & World India-Present

World- Absent

Geography: Physical, India & World


Geography: Physical- a little

India & World- Absent


Ecology & Environment-30 Pages Present- 19 Pages
Economy- 40 Pages: Micro-Macro, Public Finance,

Indian Economy, World Economy

Present-16 Pages
Major Policies/Acts Absent
Business Absent
Foreign Trade & Investment in India Absent
General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology &

Everyday Science

Science & Medicine: Physics, Chemistry , Biology & Everyday Science are absent
Technology & Its Application Absent
Information Technology & Computer Information Technology but Computer is absent
Art & Culture Present
Sports Present
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