Do Olympiads act as a Knowledge Booster in Child’s Growth?

Knowledge BoosterAs parents, we all are worried for our child’s growth and his/her psychological development along with the physiological development. We keep on wandering to find out ways to offer our child a platform to enhance his/her skills. Many of us are aware about the extraordinary benefits and opportunities that the different Olympiads are capable of offering our child.

Olympiads were initially introduced by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) to establish an edge of sharp logical and practical skills among children. Most of the Olympiads have the same syllabus matching to the curriculum of the school’s syllabus for respective classes. The child is just expected to have an intense and remarkable knowledge about the basic concepts of various subjects in which SOF offers its Olympiad program.

The various key Olympiads offered by SOF for students for class 1-8th are:

  1. National Science Olympiad (NSE)
  2. National Cyber Olympiad (NCE)
  3. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
  4. International English Olympiad (IEO)
  5. International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)
  6. International General Secretaries Olympiad (IGSO)


Some of the key benefits offered by the Olympiads are:

  1. Exposure up to an extra mile

Children usually come across certain topics in their books just for scoring well in the exams. Is your child doing it the same way?  Then, introduce him/her to Olympiads irrespective of the subject. If your child is more interested in Mathematics, encourage him/her to sit for Olympiad. These exams test your child’s knowledge through a broader concept and through some really interesting and engaging objective questions.

  1. Hold a grip on the basics 

Olympiad challenges your child’s basic knowledge in a particular subject. If a child holds an unattackable command over the basics in a particular subject, then he/she could easily get through the Olympiads. Olympiads strengthen your child’s grip towards the basics.

  1. Boosts logical intelligence

Intelligence is a beautiful virtue. In the schools, exam for mathematics test your knowledge on quantitative aptitude. Apart from that a child’s mind needs logical development to carry out calculations on the basis of reasoning abilities. All this is just to develop the functioning of your child’s wide mind and engaging it into a myriad of activities to make its functioning even wider.

  1. Focuses on learning rather than performance 

Olympiads help you to learn not just for the sake of achieving marks but for the sake of learning. Olympiad test your understanding in basics to make your learning even stronger. Because what you learn stays with you forever.

An Overview of the Olympiads:

Themes Details
Conducting Authority SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation)
Classes Covered 1-12
Application Fee Rs. 125/- inclusive of  18% GST
Subjects (areas) covered


English, Mathematics, Science, Computer, General Knowledge
Type of Questions Objective type (answers to be marked in an OMR sheet)

 Levels of the Olympiad :

Olympiads are conducted in two consecutive levels:

  • LEVEL 1: Paper consists of 35 questions of 40 marks for classes I to IV and

50 multiple choice questions carrying 60 marks for class V to VIII

to be answered in a time period of 1 hour.

  • LEVEL 2: The children who clear the level 1 with at least 50% marks are

called up for the second round. 

“Don’t let your child limit their challenges. Let them challenge their limits.”

Download Free Olympiad Sample & Practice Papers

S No. Olympiad Sample & Practice Papers Download
1 Constructions Section
2 MCQs of Olympiad on Money
3 MCQs of Olympiad on Geometry
4 Mensuration Olympiad Questions
5 Olympiad on Money for Class 3
6 Triangles & its Properties
7 MCQs of Olympiad on Commercial Mathematics
8 Herons formula Question for class 9
9 Introduction to trigonometry for class 10
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