Excretory Products in Human & Animals

Excretory Products in Human & Animals

Excretion is a process through which waste products of a living organism such as ammonia, uric acid & urea have been disposed of from the tissues.


Excretion process is of different types

  1. Ammonotelism: Process of excretion of ammonia, highly toxic waste, is known as ammonotelism.
  2. Ureotelism: This process helps in removing Urea from the tissues.
  3. Uricotelism: This process involves removal of uric acid from the tissues of human body. Urea is known to be least toxic in comparison to Ammonotelism
  4. Aminotelism: Excretion of Amino Acid is known as Aminotelism.
  5. Guanotelism: The process of removing guanine from the tissue is known as Guanotelism.

Excretory Organs varies in different species as per the chart below :

This Free PDF focuses on The excretion Organs in Human Body known as Kidney & its components involved in the process.

Structure of Kidney

Kidneys are bean-shaped & looked reddish brown, is about 10-12 cm in length, 5-7 cm in width & 2-3 cm in thickness weighted around 150 gms in Male & 135 gms in Female.

Nephron  :

These are structural & functional units of kidney they are million in number in each kidney

Structure of Nephron is described in depth in this Ebook along with the two types known as

  • Cortical Neuphrons
  • Juxtamedullary Neuphrons

In this Free PDF extracted from our Book Titled, “NEET 2019 Chemistry Guide”¬†you will learn the Process of Urine Formation, Function of Kidney functions, and disorders related to Kidney dysfunction.

Kidney is not the only Excretion Organ in the Human body, Our Lungs, Liver, and skin also play a major role in the Excretion process, in Human Body.

Lungs: Helps in removing waste material as in Carbon-Di-Oxide from the body.

Liver: It helps in excretion of Cholesterol, Steroid Hormones. Liver converts Ammonia, most toxic waste into urea and flushes it from the body.

Skin: Glands in skin help in excretion of waste through pores.

Download this Free eBook for the detailed understanding of the complete excretion system in Human Body & check your knowledge with our 50 MCQs attached at the end of the eBook.

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