Check Your Preparedness with Free Mini Quiz & Free Mock Test for IAS Prelims

FRee mini quiz tests for IAS prelims

In the CSE (Civil Service examination), Preliminary Examination is the first stage, also known as the screening stage. Commonly called CSAT (Civil Service Aptitude Test) was introduced in the 2011. Obtaining the requisite score is the determining factor to move to the next step in preparation for the UPSC mains.

IAS Exam is avowedly known as the toughest exam in India, with enormous syllabus, and it being highly competitive with 5 lakhs appearing every year. The competition for IAS prelims 2019 is extensively stiff, for those aspiring for the premium positions of the government in India.

Thus, an immeasurable amount of meticulous preparation is required to out-stand the rest. In the preparation for IAS exams 2019, it is often suggested by the successful candidates to embark in mock test & mini quiz .This is to check the preparedness for the exam. It has two fold benefits:

  • Syllabus coverage, with focus on the relevant topics
  • Acquiring confidence and building time management.

IAS Mini Quiz in PDF

Free Mini Quiz for IAS Prelims 2019

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Disha Publication offers free mock test for IAS prelims for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. It includes the following particulars: 

The free mock test is prepared by experts, offer hints and solution for each question. The well developed patterns are in accordance with the previous IAS prelims papers.

The free mock test for IAS prelims 2019 is fundamental for understanding and gaining clarity. Questions in mock test for IAS prelims are accompanied with solutions, on objective type.  Frequent practice enhances efficiency and better comprehension of the syllabus in preparation. The effectiveness of result is obtained from frequent practice of both the Paper 1 & Paper 2.

Free mock test for IAS prelims with Disha Publication is the most cherished platform to re-strategize your preparation, and find pragmatic hints to change the intensity of your focus.

Full Syllabus Mock Tests for IAS

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IAS Section Wise tests

Dealing with Section-wise preparation for UPSC exam 2019 can be the easy-way to cover the enormous syllabus, with greater concentration. The formulation of ideas and finding new connections to concepts becomes relatively easier.  Why wait, when you have this easy method?

Discover an exciting round to relevant current affairs and quiz’s with solutions.

Free Mini Quizzes for IAS Prelims

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