Ghatnakram 2018 – List of Events (Hindi)

Every competitive exam, to be specific IAS Examinations intensely makes references on the present issues and of the heated-issues in and around. Getting a quick grasp of all the most important events will keep a candidate well furnished to manage any questions on the present issues.

Disha Publication has a splendid collection of Ghatnakram 2018 – List of Events (Hindi), which gives the aspirants all the top event of the ongoing past. IAS examinations being in prior a test-driven on current affairs, requires to set-up an arrangement of events of all happening around.

What are the benefits you can take with you from Ghatnakram 2018 – List of Events (Hindi)?

  • The burning topics/articles on Current affairs, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Sciences, Govt. Schemes, History & geography.
  • The emerging trends
  • Info graphics, Mind maps, charts and analysis
  • Besides there are game changers and is a PANORAMA. 

Get our best material on Ghatnakram 2018 – List of Events (Hindi).

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