Government Schemes & Policies for UPSC/ IAS Exam

UPSC Examination 2019 is solely to fill the vacant post in the various government sectors.  It is imperative, thus, to be well informed of the Govt. Schemes & Policies for candidates desiring to obtain the honourable positions of the government.

Disha Publication in its consistent endeavour to supply essential materials for candidates comes with innovative enterprise in making handy the crux of all Govt. Schemes & Policies. The topics which are the building block of the exams fall persistently on the Indian social, economic & political aspects.

Find the highlights of Govt. Schemes & Policies:

  • Detailed theoretical content which covers an exhaustive listing of government Schemes & Yojanas, various Courts’ Judgements, Summits/ Conferences, Agreements/ Accords, Organizations/ Alliances, Tribunals/ Regulators, Important Committees & their recommendations, Policies & Plans, Important Bills & Acts, Constitution of India & the various amendments, Important Projects & Missions and many more.
  • Objectives and salient features of Schemes & Policies.
  • Deals on all the initiative of the Govt. in the last 3 years.
  • Presents the Major landmark policies of Pre & Post Independent India
  • Based on the current pattern and trends for all competitive examinations.

Get the most updated version with Disha Publication of Govt. Schemes & Policies.

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