The Ultimate Guide to NEET Exam Preparation

NEET Preparation

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance exam conducted by CBSE to judge the eligibility of students for admission to undergraduate medical courses such as MBBS & BDS in government and private medical colleges in India. As this remains the sole medical entrance test organized for admission in medical courses, it finds a large number of students appearing for it every year. Being one of the toughest examinations, it requires implementation of useful and efficient tips & tricks for preparation.

An overview

The exam is conducted in written mode of 3 hours duration that involves 180 questions of 4 marks each. 45 questions are asked from each subject-Physics, Chemistry and Biology and this exam involves negative marking of 1 mark against every incorrect answer.

NEET Syllabus

Syllabus is the key

Before starting your preparation, it’s always needed to gather the complete information about the officially prescribed syllabus. Stay away from the topics which are not the part of the syllabus. Make a list of important NEET preparation books.

NEET Study Planner

Study Planner – best way to start your NEET preparation

  • The top tip to plan your study for this exam’s preparation is to create a realistic timetable which you must adhere to under any circumstances.
  • Start from the scratch and look for the basics before actually digging deep into the complexities of facts.
  • A regular practice will help you hone your skills and give you a boost in your confidence.
  • Take full-length mock tests to practice efficient time management and know your areas of errors so that you can improve them before the actual exam.
  • Revise regularly as it will help you keep up fresh with the topics you have covered so far and will also help you master the same once you make it a consistent practice.

Allocating your time based on your strengths and weaknesses is essential to know your grey areas. A minimum 3 hours study at a stretch is a requisite to maintain a good focus and attention. Also, taking out some time from your routine to have fun, relaxation and doing some physical activity is also necessary to keep you healthy, revitalized and sincere.

NEET Preparation Book

Get know-how about NEET exam preparation books first

Knowing what to study before heading on your preparation is the key rule to lay the foundation of your success. So, first you must get know-how about the best books for NEET preparation. To begin with, you shouldn’t get stuck on NCERT. First understand the syllabus well and follow the syllabus notified by the Medical Council of India. As the NEET preparation is based on standards 11th and 12th subjects and their chapters; you need to give special focus and significance to the syllabus of both these classes.

As the NEET syllabus is prepared after viewing various states curriculum, you need not limit yourself to just the NCERT books or syllabus. Do make a chart of the chapters that need priority and more revision in order to improve your weaker areas.<>/p

So, before heading on for the selective and efficient NEET exam books; you should start off with NECRT standard books and take down notes and formulas along with listing out the important chapters based on previous years questions.

NEET Practice Regularly

Practice Regularly

Regular practice is a must for any competitive exam and this would not come as a new thing to learn for you. So, solve NEET practice sets and papers regularly alongside your preparation. Solve the practice questions of every chapter and mark the difficult questions in order to work on your weaknesses.

Mock tests at full length will assess your performance further and make you a better test taker. Moreover, putting emphasis on important and weak areas and revising the formulas and their derivations will pep up your studies and will sharpen your skills. Do not forget to go through important reactions, equations and mechanisms after a regular interval in order to keep them fresh in your memory.

Be honest to yourself, read everything and make a habit of going through each and every question whether you know it or not. At last, follow a regular meditation or yoga regime to relax your mind from the continuous and strenuous study routine.

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