[Hindi] Monthly Economy Snapshot for Competitive Exams

Hindi - Monthly Economic Growth

One every important aspect for competitive exam takers is to be up to date with the economic news and updates of the country. The importance of economic knowledge to grasp the concept of economic growth is absolute essential. India being a diverse country has a variety of people taking the competitive exams every year and to help them get a stronghold on different aspect of the economy, Disha Publication is proud to present the HINDI VERSION of the MONTHLY ECONOMIC GROWTH REPORT/ SNAPSHOT. With the success of the English equivalent of the same, we at Disha Publication bring this with the hopes to reach an ever wider reader group.


As the name suggests, here we provide a monthly report on all recent economic developments happening around the country which have specific or general impact on the economy.

These monthly economic reports (ecoshots) are aimed at providing you, the young aspirants a quick revision of all economic changes in the month, information about economics indicators and factors affecting the same.

With the option of GRAPHS, ONE LINERS and DATA ANALYSIS in the form of different charts, this snapshot is your go to medium to gather information about all aspects of the economy in the past month. With the right mix of general and specific information, these are helpful for students having all kinds of requirement.

Without any wait, grab your Economy snapshot by Disha Publication right here –

Download Indian monthly economic development report in Hindi


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