How to Attempt Missing Data Interpretation Questions for Banking Exams

High-Level Missing Data Interpretation For Banking Exams Missing D.I. are specific types of data presentation where the data is represented mostly in the form of a table and some data are missing in the table. In these types of questions, all data are related to each other and on the basis of one data, you have to find missing data and then solve the questions given. So, we are providing you important facts on Missing DI which are usually asked in all exams.

How to Attempt Missing DI Questions for Banking Exams:

  • Missing DI questions are mostly asked in the form of Tabular DI with some data missing.
  • Thinking the various condition of Missing DI table is very important for solving.
  • Mostly you will be asked to find the missing data, by giving some conditions to follow while solving.
  • In some cases, questions may be indirect, but still, there will be some link between the known data and given conditions.
  • Once you identified the missing facts, it will be easy for you to solve the question quickly.
  • After finding the missing facts, if you feel it is a lengthy process and it is going to consume more time to solve, it is better to skip it and mark it for review and solve it at the end if time permits.
  • Usually out of 5 questions, at least 2 – 3will be easy, 1 or 2 will be lengthy and 1 or 2 will be lengthy as well as difficult.
  • So it is better to identify the difficulty level of the question, by reading it properly before the attempt.

To practice on Data Interpretation questions, aspirants may download free PDF on Data Interpretation (TABULATIONS) taken from our “New Pattern Data Analysis & Interpretation for SBI/IBPS Bank PO/SO/Clerk/RRB/SSC Exams” containing practice exercise set with the hints & solutions at the end.


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