Human Health and Diseases Notes

Revision Notes on Human Health and Disease for Medical Exam

World health day – 7th April
Health: It is a state of complete physical, social and mental well being.
Disease: Disease, means not at ease, or health disorder. The health is affected by
(i) Inheritance,
(ii) Infection, and
(iii) Life style; the latter includes intake, habits and exercises etc.

Diseases can be classified in 3- different ways-

A. Non-communicable diseases and Communicable diseases (Followed in this book)
B. Congenital diseases and acquired diseases
C. Heritable and non-heritable diseases

This Free ebook, is prepared for aspirants of NEET, AIIMS & Jipmer 2019 to prepare and practice for their medical exam.

Download Free PDF on Human Health and Diseases, containing types of diseases, Mode of transmission of communicable or infectious diseases, Categories of Communicable diseases along with practice exercise and complete hints & solutions.

Download this Human Health and Diseases notes, taken from our ACE Biology for NEET, AIIMS & JIPMER (Class 12) – Vol. 2.

human health and deseases


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