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The unpredictability of the UPSC exams has risen to a great extent in the past years. To get an understanding of the examiner’s mind-set, as exactly which part of the chapter needs quality focus, can be gathered from IAS Prelims Paper 1 Chapter-wise Tests. 

IAS Exam Paper 1 vastly deals on Current – Events, Issues and Ideas – thus covering Important Terms, Govt. Schemes/ Yojanas, Policies/ Plans, Missions/ Abhiyans, Projects, Summits/ Conferences, Agreements/ Accords, Committees, Organisations/ Index-Ranking, Phenomena, Symposium, Ratifications of treaties, India’s engagements abroad, etc. Over 40%of the question set cover on the Current Affairs. This is going to enhance the rate of chapter-wise coverage of the syllabus.

Why should you subscribe to IAS Prelims Paper 1 Chapter-wise Tests?

  • Get relevant topics in focus
  • Detail overview of the chapters
  • Quick coverage of the chapters and the syllabus.
  • Get solutions instantaneously for each questions

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IAS Prelims Chapter Wise Tests

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