Important Concept Notes for JEE Main 2019 Exam

With the vastness of syllabus in JEE Main, engaging in the preparation for entrance exams can be demanding and complex. It gets simplified with acquiring the rudimentary concepts on the basis of the prescribed syllabus. 

Mentioned below are crux of the syllabus, providing clarity for understanding and actualisation of the concepts. 

  1. Mathematics:

Find our powerful book, a compendium of student friendly concepts on chapter-wise, offering quick and easy revision.  Self-evident for being productive, is highly recommended by mentors and toppers. The simplified concepts of set, inequalities, relations and functions, differential equations, three-dimensional geometry etc, concepts are covered. 

  1. Physics:

The core concept of physics for both Section A and Section B rests on the experimental skills. Get our best edition and learn the concepts chalked out chapter-wise for easy and quick revision. This compendium covers 100% of the core concepts, enhancing greater understanding of the syllabus.

  1. Chemistry:

Find the prepared concept on Thermodynamics below. Get our Concept Notes for JEE Main and grab a better understanding of the concepts on chemistry. 

  1. Physical chemistry:

The basic concept covered in physical chemistry forms the, state of matter, atomic structure, chemical thermodynamics, surface chemistry, solutions etc. For further understanding to the concepts find our Concept Notes for JEE Main.

  1. Organic chemistry: Concepts covered includes, organic compounds, Polymers, Bio molecules, Hydrocarbons, chemistry in everyday life etc.
  1. Inorganic chemistry: Hydrogen, Environmental Chemistry, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties etc, are the concept notes available with us. Grab these notes and make your preparation effective.

Explore a wide list of concept notes from our store for JEE Main. They are concise and helpful for self- assessment.

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