JEE/Bitsat Practice problems for Mathematics

JEE Main/Bitsat DPP1 (Mathematics)

What 1+1 equals?
2? Hell no!
It’s 11. Correct that’s what Mathematics for JEE MAIN & BITSAT is like. It’s not as easy as you think it is and cannot be cleared if you haven’t done enough practice of the JEE MAIN and BITSAT difficulty level questions.
JEE and Bitsat both are pretty tough exams to clear and many top level institutes in India consider JEE Main scores as the top level priority for providing admission to students. Have you started your practice yet?
Well, don’t worry.
You just sit back and have a refreshing Ice Tea because we got this covered for you. We have accumulated all the important mathematics questions for JEE and BITSAT all at one place all for you because we care for you.
Now, you do not have to wander off and explore every site on the net just to find a handful of important mathematics questions with the right solutions. Let me tell you what, It certainly pisses me off, and I hope you as well. I just can’t go to every other webpage or website on the Internet matching my search results and not having the information or the content that I really need. See every guy searching for something on the Internet wants the exact information that they are searching for not some other crap, say in your case you searched for “JEEMain/Bitsat Mathematics”, so what you are looking for is information related to JEE Main/Bitsat Mathematics such as it’s weight in the exam, topic wise syllabus, some practice Questions. Well, that is what this page is based on.
So definitely don’t worry because you are on the right page.

JEE Main/Bitsat Exam Pattern(Mathematics)

Setting everything aside first you need to know how much weight does Mathematics carry in JEE Main and in Bitsat.
In JEE Main/Bitsat, Mathematics carries a total weight of 120 marks in both.

The unit wise syllabus is given below in the Table.

Unit wise syllabus

UNIT Weightage Marks(Out of 120)
Algebra 35 42
Calculus 32.67 39
Coordinate Geometry 25.33 31
Trigonometry 7 8

It includes questions from all the chapters in the syllabus.

Refer to the below table for Mathematics chapter wise syllabus:

Chapter wise syllabus


Mathematics Weights Marks(Out of 120)
 Sets, Relations, Functions 3.33 4
 Trigonometric Identities 5.67 6.804
 Solutions of Triangles & Heights and Distances 1.33 1.596
 Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations 7 8.4
 Permutations & Combinations 3 3.6
 Progressions & Series and Binomial Theorem 9.67 11.604
 Straight Lines 5 6
 Circles 5 6
 Conic Section 6.67 8
 Limits and Differentiation 6.67 8
 Mathematical Reasoning and Induction 3.33 4
 Statistics 3.33 4
 Probability – 1 3.33 4
Matrices & Determinants 6.67 8
Applications of differentiation 6.33 7.596
Integration 7 8.4
Applications of Integrals 3.33 4
Differential Equations 3.33 4
3D Geometry 6.67 8
Vectors 3.33 4

Given below is DPP1 for Mathematics(Daily Practice Problems 1) in PDF which includes some of the most unique and amazing questions for Mathematics set by the Mathematicians themselves. This page is for Maths only you can also find the DPP’s for Chemistry and Physics from below.
Nowadays nobody wants to be average, everybody wants to go that extra mile to be ahead of Average and here we have that extra mile for you.
Just download the DPP1(Mathematics) PDF below and enjoy your extra mile.
As the great saying goes “Practice makes the man perfect”, so practice more and more to make yourself perfect for scoring 100% in Mathematics. Well, your skills can only be enhanced by more and more practice of unique questions.
DPP1 (Mathematics) includes all those unique questions which you can practice to enhance your skills, but there’s more of these DPP’s still need to be published, so stay tuned for the next DPP’s.

Download the DPP1(Mathematics) PDF from here:

guys, if you want you can also download the DPP’s for Chemistry and Physics from below:

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