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One of the foremost thing you require to pass your JEE MAIN and BITSAT competitive examinations is to know your syllabus first and their weight. The syllabus of JEE MAIN and BITSAT Physics examinations are given below.

Physics Topic wise syllabus for JEE Main/BITSAT


Units & Dimensions
Laws of Motion
Work, Energy & Power
Rotational Motion
Mechanics of Solids & Fluids
Thermal Properties
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Electric Charges & Fields
Electric Potential& Capacitance
Moving charges & Magnetism
Magnetism & Matter
Electromagnetic Waves & Communication Systems
Current Electricity
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Current
Ray Optics
Wave Optics
Dual Nature of Radiation
 Atoms & Nuclei

JEE MAIN/BITSAT Exam Pattern (Physics)

JEE main consists of two papers and Physics have the weight of 30 questions, 4 marks for each question, therefore, totaling 120 marks.

If you guys want, then you can check the whole JEE Main exam pattern also.

Now, that you have gone through the chapters and the exam pattern now we have to realize what is the difficulty level JEE MAIN and BITSAT, and that is impossible without trying their Physics papers.

Have you practiced your Physics questions yet?

Well, Physics nowadays isn’t anything like finding the distance speed and time rather it is more like finding the gravity, finding the broken circuits, finding the actions defying the laws of Physics.

If not then don’t hesitate and go looking for the questions over the web, because we have got all that you are looking for,  all right here with the solutions.

Now, you don’t have to waste your time to purchase one of those sample papers from the market. Just stay tuned to our posts and we will provide you with all the unique and difficult questions, set themselves by the professors.

Just leave all the frustration aside and start enjoying your exams.

We have uploaded the  DPP1 (Daily Practice Problems 1) which will enhance your knowledge.

Applicants can find some of the best and unique questions of Physics below in the DPP1 PDF. These problems will definitely help you score your 100% in the examination.

I was myself a JEE applicant once, and I wish I had these sort of combined problems then, it would have been a lot easier for me, as then I used to waste my time wandering markets for the perfect sample paper and if not then browsing the net and searching for questions first and then begin my practicing.

The DPP1 includes some of the unique and important problems for JEE MAIN and BITSAT competitive examinations that you can practice again and again until those questions are engraved in your mind. As the famous saying goes Practice makes a man perfect. so, here we are trying our best to make you perfect.

Download the JEE/BITSAT Physics DPP1 PDF from here:

You can download the PDF from below. And stay tuned for our next versions, until then keep practicing.

You can also download the DPP’s for Mathematics and Chemistry from below:

DPP1 Chemistry   DPP1 Mathematics

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