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Last Minute Revision to Crack NEET 2019

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NEET Exam is scheduled on 5th May, and is knocking at the door. By now you have spent enough time on inputs. The question is, how do you convert the inputs into rewarding outputs? It is now the right time to focus more on the outputs if you wish to improve your score.

Disha Publication has brought out a clear and quick revision strategy to maximize the outputs in NEET exam 2019. The prime focus of this plan is on your output, based on the 3S most recommended by experts: Speed, Strike-rate (accuracy) & Selection of Questions. This revision plan will get your inputs to be more productive, by finding a balance between speed and Strike-rate (accuracy), which is often overlooked.

Mr. Avinash, Director of Disha Publication has guided lakhs of students and helped them to crack various competitive exams. The video below is a part of his decades of experience, outlining the most basic thing required to improve your score by 15% to 20% WITHOUT studying.

Watch these videos to learn the secrets of maximizing the scores without study and take a journey with us now to improve your scores by 20%.

NEETBesides the preparation, there are few basic and fundamental Tips & Techniques which must be known to each and every aspirant. These Tips help you in achieving the success you desire. You are all always concerned about the study materials, but only few of you think about the other elements such as most important topics for your exam, how to prepare at the last minute, etc.

Disha Publication has come up with these basic and fundamental elements for you, which will surely help you increase your score.AIIMS Coupon 2019

How to Attempt Assertion-Reasoning Question for AIIMS? How to prepare for AIIMS GK in last 1 week?
How to prepare for English Proficiency, Logic & Quant Reasoning for JIPMER? Most Important Chapters/Topics for NEET 2019
How to Attempt the paper for NEET 2019? What not to do in the Exam Hall in NEET 2019?

What is the Revision Plan to Maximise your Output all about?

This plan covers all the important steps which should be covered by every student after the preparation. Here are some of the elements of this package for NEET, AIIMS & JIPMER 2019:

Concept maps for Medical Exams

Chapter-wise Concept Maps are comprehensive revision tools, which makes the syllabus easier to read and revise. The preparation of the concept maps is most useful at the time of preparation. It is highly beneficial during revision to get detail glance of the entire syllabus through quick revision Chapter-wise mind maps. Disha Publication through concept maps gives the students easier retention of the numerous concepts. This means, you do not have to flip all the pages in the chapter to revise, just the concept maps is enough.

Revise Chapter At a Glance – Chapter-wise Concept Maps 2019




Quick Revision Chapterwise Mind-Maps class 12 Physics 2019 Quick Revision Chapterwise Mind-Maps class 12 Chemistry 2019 Quick Revision Mind-Maps class 12 Biology 2019
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Preparation Tips Preparation Tips Preparation Tips
NCERT Xtract Physics 2020 NCERT Xtract Chemistry 2020 NCERT Xtract Biology 2020 NEET 2019 Mock Tests AIIMS Logical reasoning & GK
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Past year solved papers neet 2019

Preparing for NEET/ AIIMS/ JIPMER exam helps students for their future and excelling in each subject is every student’s dream. Prepare well for the exam from solved papers of 2018-1988 on each subject available at Disha Publication. These past year papers will be helpful in building your confidence and play a vital role as energizer in your preparation.

Disha Publication has exclusively designed the chapter-wise question papers for the sole purpose of practicing for NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER exam. These past questions cover chapter-wise analysis, and give a strengthened overview of the most important topics. With Disha Publication, you can excel in your preparation and obtain the desired result. Explore the wide range of these chapter-wise past year questions by Disha’s Experts here.

NEET Chapter-Wise Past Questions

Physics Chemistry Biology
25 Years Physics AIIMS solved papers 25 Years Chemistry AIIMS solved papers 25 Years Biology AIIMS solved papers Target AIIMS with Disha AIIMS Solved Papers
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Practice Quizzes & Mock Tests 2019

This post consists of Quizzes  & Mock Test Papers for your thorough practice of solving papers. These tests are prepared by experienced experts of  Disha Publication. Individual mock test for each subject, Physics, Chemistry & Biology based on the “Daily Practice Papers for Biology/ Physics/ Chemistry” with complete solutions are provided. A fully-combined test for Physics, Chemistry & Biology with 100% solutions & exact to the pattern of NEET Exam is also given to you for thorough practice.

NEET Subject-wise Practice Quizzes

Physics Chemistry  Biology

NEET Practice Mock Tests

Neet Physics Solved papers 2020 NEET Chemistry Solved Papers 2020 NEET Biology Solved Papers 2020 target neet 2020 Speed test neet 2019
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JIPMER Mock Test Papers

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