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UPSC Examination in IAS Mains throws a piercing importance to Essay Type questions. The purpose is to identify the perceptibility of the candidates in the events surrounding them and to see how well one is able to express it constructively. This being the major emphasis in competitive exam, getting braced with adequate substance will be highly beneficial.

On an overview of Disha Publication has identified the range and the pattern of Essay Topics, which as of constant highlight in the past IAS mains examination. The List of IAS Mains Essay Topics are crucial in fetching fat scores which will upgrade your rank, and provide the possibility for securing better positions in the government sector.

The list of these essays gives coherence in writing, systematic-construction of ideas, throwing light on the contemporary socio-political issues and fostering philosophical enquires.

Find the List of IAS Mains Essay Topics with Disha Publication to gain mastery on this section of evaluation.

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