Monthly Economy Snapshot for Competitive Exams – Latest Economic Indicators

Monthly Economic Report

Disha Publication is delighted to launch Monthly Economy-Snapshot for competitive exams. It is important to grasp the economic know-how on National and International front. All competitive exams test thorough knowledge in all sectors. The economy is the most significant sector aligned to growth and development of country against International collage.

Indian Economic Development & Growth Report

Here, we are covering every aspect of the Indian economy on monthly basis. It would be a beneficial deal for students to add the practice of having major economic events on fingertips.

Key Economic Indicators for India

Economy snapshot is designed to give a quick glimpse of the latest economic indicators that consists of economy, finance and banking details. It also portrays data analysis in various charts and graphs, concerning the value of rupee, current account deficit and forex reserves, quick one-liner updates on significant economic events and who’s who on the economic front. It vehemently covers the positive and negative developments in the economic sphere around the globe.

It is an outstanding resource which many passionate and hardworking candidates yearn for and have their hearts set on. With knowledge and grip on the issues significant to the economy, any candidate can decipher the jargons, causes and effects of the circumstances resulting in the economic developments on the national and international front. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the Economy snapshot by Disha Publication and equip yourself with all you need to know about economical sector of the country.

Download Indian monthly economic development report – (English)


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