Most Important Chapters/Topics for NEET 2020

NEET Exam syllabus is vast and comprehensive. Students preparing for NEET exams 2020, in fact find it are rather difficulty to give adequate time and focus on all the topics at the same time. In this process, some of the important chapter & topics are often overlooked and does not receive enough attention. The result seems obvious in the exam hall; the mind is not able to pull up facts to place in the questions, leading to wrong choices.

The experts at Disha Publication have realized this situation in the student’s preparation plan. With painstaking effort our experts, upon analysis of the previous year’s papers have identified the most important chapters/topics for NEET 2020. These chapters/topics contained more questions in the past exams.

A change in the plan of study with these important chapters/topics will fetch you higher marks.

Here are the important chapters picked up, based on the analysis of experts for NEET exam, on subjects Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

  1. Chemistry: 
1 Structure of atom
2 Chemical bonding and molecular structure
3 Thermodynamics
4 Equilibrium
5 The s block element
6 Organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques
7 Hydrocarbons
8 Electrochemistry
9 Chemical kinetics
10 The d and f block elements
11 Coordination compounds
12 Aldehyes, ketones, and carboxylic acid
13 Amines
  1. Biology: 
1 The Living World & Taxonomy (Taxonomic Aids)
2 Five kingdom classification
3 Animal Kingdom (Arthropoda, chordates)
4 Anatomy of Flowering Plants (Tissue System)
5 Structural Organisation in Animal (Tissue System)
6 Cell : The Unit of Life (Cell theory and cell organelles like nucleus, Golgi body etc)
7 Human Physiology
8 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants (Double fertilisation and pollen grain development)
9 Human Reproduction
10 Principles of Inheritance and Variation (Mendelism, its laws and its application)
11 Molecular Basis of Inheritance (Lac operon and protein synthesis)
12 Evolution (Theories and evidences of evolution)
13 Health and diseases (Communicable diseases, immune system)
14 Biotechnology and its Applications (Recombinant DNA technology)
15 Organisms and Environment
16 Biodiversity and its Conservation
17 Environmental issues
  1. Physics: 
1 System of Particles & Rotational Motion
2 Thermal properties of matter & Thermodynamics
3 Current Electricity
4 Moving Charges & Magnetism
5 Ray Optics & Optical Instruments


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