Most Useful Guide to Prepare For SBI PO Exam

Any bank PO aspirant surely gets interested in taking the SBI PO exam once. The competition for the post of SBI PO keeps on becoming tougher due to increasing number of candidates who apply every year. But, success in most of these competitive exams depends to a large extent on how well you prepare for the same. And to do so, you must understand the pattern of the exam and devise a strategy accordingly. So, get prepared with both the complete syllabus and a good strategy.

If you are thinking of picking up few SBI PO exam books or some best books for SBI PO and depend blindly on them for your success, then this is surely not the seriousness on your part. It requires some serious dedication on your part if you want to ensure your selection in the exam. So, get some useful tricks and make a routine to adhere to strictly.

Remember there is no substitute to practice. Lack of practice will ultimately result in failure. So get strict with following these three steps during your preparation:

  • Clear your concepts well.
  • Practice what you have learnt thoroughly
  • Take mock test

To clear the prelim examination, you must also have the ability to spot the difficulty of the questions and this will help you in selective answering when you have limited time in the examination hall. Attempt such questions only when you have some time left after the first round of attempting all the questions. Candidates must also focus on preparing a strategy to deal with each of the sections as each section poses its own challenge. Take suggestions from seniors who have prepared for the exam about selecting good SBI PO preparation books.

Know your current preparation level and start with one or two mock tests to know where exactly you stand. This will give you a reality check and will challenge you to prepare more rigorously. This will also let you know the difference between your current preparation level and the level that is required to pass the exam. It will also help you learn time management while solving the questions.

Collect the best and relevant SBI PO study material and categorize the topics that you are comfortable with and can solve easily. Then make a list of the topics that you are comfortable with but take time in solving. Further, enlist the topics that you have solved earlier but forgot the method. Lastly, list those topics that you are not at all comfortable with.

Be aware of previous year cut-off and try reaching the bare minimum before realizing your dream of maximizing the score. There are many good SBI PO BOOKS available in market as well as online. Refer your teachers and friends who are already in this field before deciding on what to buy.

Get the right resources first and then maintain a strategic preparation time table. Get sufficient practice. Make an overall plan, set small goals and start with the easier one and later start increasing the difficulty level. For mains exam, you can better your strategy after the prelims. Above all, as an aspirant, you must also be aware of the nature of the job of SBI PO. It is a high-pressure job and is a good option for those who can deal with pressure and work efficiently in such a scenario.

Lastly, maintain a balance diet and exercise regime. Take ample sleep and rest. Take breaks between your studies and also take out some time to relax and nurture your hobby. This will help you cope with stress and also boost your confidence and positivity.

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