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Chemistry, Biology and Physics are the subjects required to successfully clear the NEET 2019 exams that are going to be held in the month of May. To perfect these subjects, students should study in a smart way by revising from the solved papers on a daily basis. It is not just the selection of important chapters but also a detailed understanding of each topic should be clear. Teachers help students by providing guidance from appropriate reference books that help students in answering questions as quickly as possible as the NEET exam is only for 3 hours covering all three topics mentioned above.

Importance of Solved Papers While Preparing for NEET Exam

NEET 2018 Physics Solved Papers

Take care of the time you are spending in solving moderate as well as difficult questions. Plan each question accordingly.  Since the NEET exam is only of 3 hours, it is important to keep revising and practicing solving questions in coaching classes as well as at home. Taking mock tests and practicing previous years solved papers is a must.  Download below the Physics solved paper.

NEET 2018 Chemistry Solved Papers

When trying to pass exams like NEET, it is important to be having a solid foundation and therefore it is important to be absolutely clear and revise the basics of chemistry. Studying from the solved papers of the NCERT based books is the perfect way to get clarity and focus. Revision and continuous practice from is the key to getting good marks. Download below the Chemistry solved paper.

NEET 2018 BIOLOGY Solved Papers

Understanding the concept and its dynamics is very important while solving biology questions. Regular coaching classes that provide quality reference books with daily practice are also important. Planning of each and every chapter along with topics helps in understanding in a systematic way. Make sure to study from the solved papers that provide clear and correct information of the principles and concepts. Download below the Biology solved paper

Preparing for NEET exam helps students for their future and excelling in each subject is every student’s dream. Prepare well for NEET exam from solved papers of 2018-1988 on each subject available at Disha Publication. Each book gives a topic-wise solved papers arranged in accordance with NCERT. Detailed solutions are provided at the end of each chapter with clarity.

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