Notes on Structure of Atom

Notes on Structure of Atom

Atoms are the smallest part of the matter that can’t be divided or broken further into parts, comprises Electron, Proton & Neutron known as sub-atomic particles.

In this ebook “Structure of Atoms” for NEET 2018 aspirants we will discuss different models of Atom such as Rutherford’s Model, Thomson Model, Bohr’s Model their functions & limitations.

This ebook is taken from your book titled “NEET 2018 Chemistry Guide” & apart from these Atomic theories, this ebook will also give you glimpses of:

  • Atomic Spectra

  • Emission Spectra

  • Absorption Spectra

Not only limited to this, this article is having everything you should know about “Structure of Atom” and related theories & concepts in a brief & crisp manner.

It talks about Orbital’s  where a negatively charged revolves, about the shapes of Atomic Orbital’s how to              ascertain the position of an electron with the help of Quantum Numbers with a concept chart along with an exercise at the end comprising of 100 MCQs to analyze how clear your concepts are for aspirants of PMT, NEET & other Medical examinations.

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