Nutrition Of Plants NEET

Nutrition Of Plants (NEET)

Mineral nutrition of Plants is the process through which they absorb ions & use them for their personal growth & development.

This eBook adopted from the title “NEET 2018 Biology” discourse essential mineral elements required & their role in the metabolism of plants. Classification of Essential elements is done in 2 parts known as

  1. Macronutrients
  2. Micronutrients

Also depicts what functions these essential nutrition elements perform & the deficiency symptoms caused by the inadequate supply of a particular element and its effects in the nutrition process of Plants.

A tabular format chart is there to make it easy to comprehend various essential elements role in the nutrition of plants & their deficiency symptoms along with related theories.

An exercise to overhaul your learning with the help of 72 MCQs is given at the end of this pdf along with their solution.

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